Big Man dies… Bruce Springsteen and E st Band

May God be with you Big Man we will be missed…… rest in peace
You now have a new band in Heaven keep rocking on

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Give just a little Texas Gov

The Problem with Gov. Perry and the GOP conservative religious stance on small government and more reliant on community centers and religious groups like churches, mosques, synagogues giving aid to the needy. They argue that these groups can better serve their own community than the state and local governments can.And if you buy into this argument the premises that these groups would receive their funding from everyday citizens especially from the ones that are advocating this type social support. When someone is as blessed as Gov. Perry has been giving his proper ties to the church is a fundamental principle of Christian beliefs and he does claim to be Christian…. a base amount would be 10% after taxes…. this may be a little bit much in the case that he makes it access a $2 million a year but I would expect to see $50,000 given to his favorite charity or religious groups for the purpose of outreach in his community or at least in Dallas Fort Worth area there are many Texans that are out of work under employed or destitute during these economic times that could truly benefit from Gov. Perry’s contribution….. but as we see he neither can walk the walk your talk the talk Republicans and conservatives are always quick to slander those that are less fortunate than they are but when it comes to actually doing something about it rarely does it seem to be happening… the major charitable contributors in the United States currently happened to be tree hugging diehard liberals that seem to be giving billions to charity and outreach programs.

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May are heart go out to the people of Japan.

Bear that Cares

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The times are a changing

What a world we live in.

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“If you sell it here, you must make it here”

Support our Nation

Support US jobs

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Midterm Election

Wish the election would have turnout different, O’ well that how it goes.

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Midterm is election is close at hand.

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