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Stupid person of the Day Rep from Florida Don Brown

TO: Rep Don Brown, Congressmen form Florida Vet Darren Hankins What a stupid bill, all it will do is cause trouble and division between white, blacks and every other racial group out there. Don’t you have better thing to do … Continue reading

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Thank you Loard

Prayer for the Day Dear Father in Heaven,? How grateful I am for all you have given me.? Lord, I have never lacked.? Yes, I have waited before certain things have arrived that I have prayed for. They did not … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day

              Saudi Arabia bans all things red ahead of Valentine’s Day               what a joke

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Gambling Better way to raise money in a state “Ca”

Lord, I pray today for my Christian brothers and sisters who are addicted to gambling. Help them to get free and deliver them from all forms of gambling.  Lord, show them that Lotto is not the answer to their financial … Continue reading

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vote vote vote and then vote

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