President Speach to the American school Children

So some people in this country, do not won’t the President of
the United States to speak to their children. These are the same, baster that
supported and evil dictator named BUSH. These are the same, ass hole that support
sending our own child in war. The same idiot, those believe in banding abortion
but don’t support warfare for the women who have their children and don’t abort
them. These are the same people that receive healthcare for themselves just not
anyone else. You may bethink in talking about Republic, right wing Christian and
conservative; you would be wrong.

    Christian care first for other and second for
them self, most republican are not Christians they just play one on TV and when
it convenient for them.  True Cristiana
for the most part, are loving people that understand the bible tell us to obey
the law of the land and listen to our leaders. I’ said, listen to our leader, and
just don’t follow blindly.  True Christian
would not have obeyed blindly as in the case of Bush the idiot Jr. after 9/11.
As for Republic not all of them just the hateful fox watching ones. We know the
ones, that believe they are better than everyone else, “America is good and
everyone else is the bad” republicans. The republican that pray on Sunday and
hate on Monday. Let not forget  the conservative
that preach moral value to other but steal, cheat, lie and worship the only true
God the know, money power and greed.

So these so call Americans don’t won’t the president of United
State to talking to their children. They think he will be a bad influence and
have a political agenda. Yes he does and yes he will be an influence on their
children and just maybe they will see their parent for what and who they are
and won’t follow in their footstep.    

"Don’t believe that republican are christian just because they say they are, just remind them Jesus was a socialist and believed root of all evil lied in the the pursuit of money and power".

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