Bad people

 What evil people you
are to call yourself Christian and stand before the lord and say everyone does
not deserve free healthcare.

You and your group should get exactly what you deserve and
that would be to be dependent on Kaiser or one of the other money hungry
insurance provider to depend on when you get sick, I hope the devil is there to
aid you in your time of need.


 But for the rest of
us we won’t our free universal health care like Canada’s the English and French
have. Don’t call yourself Christian because you are not.

Jesus would condemn you and your follower and expose you for
what you are……pawns of the devil or in your case health insurance companies.

You probably voted for Mac Cain he hate fair and universal
treatment for all, just like Jesus would and his father would…ALL people rich
or poor Muslim Christian or atheist have the right to be treat for their illness
without the burden of expenses and worries…….you just don’t get it about money
and not people Jesus is people and the devil is about money, which are you? what bad people
they are

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