What happen to black music?

                         What happen to black music?


I the pass the one cultural attribute of American black culture was it music.

It strong spiritual root and ethnic sting was tempered with classically train and mentored musicians.

What ever happen to the soul the political insight the spiritual hart of America? This is happen to a style of music when it panders to the lowest common denominator. When in the pass did the bully become musically gifted, it must be between robbing people and smoking a blunt. This a dirt side effect of rich so call music producer allowing sixteen year old gangbang that think that the can explain to a adult man how to fornicate.


One again it all in the name of money, and Black American as a group should be ashamed of our selves for allowing this to happen. Rap must specially gangster and sexual charge rap. If it not bad enough that we have high rate of incarcerations in the world high number of teen pregnancy and one of the lowest number collage graduation in western society, we don’t need this!


We need rap like we need more salt in our diets, it is a cancer a disease that has infect us in one of the worst ways. The black culture is very ill, it is in critical condition and in stead of drive it’s-self to the Hospital it heading to a rap concert with it son on stage socking some weed drinking a 40oz beer while or sister is back stage with so called member of the group being passed around while on video tap to be see on UTUB late in the evening.


Dad is being pull over for drive with a suspended license and mom is already at the concert show every thing she got in support of her son carrier chooses, in the name of money. What happen to God in the black family, what happen to doing the right thing?

What ever to taking the high road the road less traveled?


 We are dyeing as a people and it our own doing; we have only to look at ourselves to see the murder. We care more about Jordan’s kids than we do our own encourage or children to be basketball players foot star and become part of the rap life. Why, just to say; “look at my some that look like a clown with stupid clothing that bag and teeth that shines,

 jewelry the twinkle, like a princess with no kingdom, and man with no thrown. We won the lottery but with out in education and self-worth will waste it like we wasted the word of all our great lead and return back to Nigger like they told us we would be and always will be.                                                    

                                                                               Written By Darren G Hankins

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