height of laziness

These verses from Proverbs describe
the height of laziness when a person refuses to even feed himself, and
then considers himself smarter than seven wise men. This is a
description of those spoken about in the Bible who are known as
sluggards or slothful people. The dictionary definition of a "sluggard"
or "slothful" person is one who is habitually lazy, idle, or indolent.
The lazy soul described here does not even want to feed himself. We
find many today who look to others to feed them, as they are too lazy
to work. Certainly there are times when we all must have help when hard
times come to our door. However, this verse is talking about a
habitually lazy person, not a true needy person. We need to pray for
these people, as the Lord desires to touch and change their lives and
give them a desire to live and work.
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